All of the Evidence that Red Meat is Not Bad For You

All the Evidence Mean Isn't Bad for You

The vilification of meat is the biggest health disaster of the last century.

And at this point there is NO evidence to support it.

Yet the WHO guidance in 2018 was STILL to keep saturated fat to under 10% of calories.

Here’s ALL the evidence that they’re wrong.

RCT: Replacing Saturated Fat with Polyunsaturated Fats

Researchers lowered cholesterol like they intended by 14%.

But this led to a “22% higher risk of death for each 30 mg/dL reduction in serum cholesterol”

This study was BURIED for 40 years.

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RCT: Sydney Heart health study

It was meant to support the AHA’s hypothesis but ended up revealing the disastrous consequences of seed oils

The group that replaced saturated fat with vegetable oils had a 62% HIGHER death rate despite lowering cholesterol

Well that backfired.

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Seven Countries Study

The study that birthed this whole fetid monstrosity of nutritional recommendations…

When re-evaluated, it turns out Keys cherry-picked 7 countries and left out the other outliers.

With all twenty-two countries included, there was no longer any statistical significance.

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BMJ Editorial Review

19 BMJ researchers calling for us to retract guidance on reducing saturated fat as evidence no longer supports it.

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2019 BMJ Meta Analysis of 22 RCTs

They concluded:

‘The preponderance of evidence indicates that low-fat diets that reduce serum cholesterol do not reduce cardiovascular events or mortality”

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Study of 42 European Countries

The study showed a very strong NEGATIVE correlation between animal products and heart disease.

It also revealed a POSITIVE correlation between carbs and heart disease.

(Remember, the study that propelled the food pyramid was with only 7 countries)

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PURE study: 140k subjects from 18 countries


  • Animal protein associated with lower risk of mortality.
  • Saturated fat associated with lower risk of CVD
  • Highest fat associated with 20% lower risk of death
  • Highest carb intake associated with 28% high risk of death
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2015 Meta-Analysis

 Here’s what this study concludes

“Saturated fats are not associated with all cause mortality, CVD, CHD, ischemic stroke, or type 2 diabetes”

“Trans fats are associated with all cause mortality and CHD mortality”

Trans fats are in seed oils which we were told to replace saturated fat with.

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Zoe Harcombe Meta-Analysis of RCTs

A review of 62,000 patients showed no significant difference from interventions lowering dietary fat.

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Zoe Harcombe also aggregated World Health Organization Data from 192 countries showing a negative correlation between deaths and cholesterol in females.

Cholesterol is the reason why saturated fat was vilified in the first place.

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Meta-Analysis of observational studies of 347k subjects

“No significant evidence for concluding that dietary saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of CHD or CVD”

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Meta Analysis of 32 Observational Studies of 500k participants:

According to the study, “There is no significant evidence for concluding that dietary saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of CHD or CVD”

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RCT: Replacing Saturated Fat with Polyunsaturated fats (This was the govt recommendation)

“Available evidence from adequately controlled randomized controlled trials suggest replacing SFA with mostly n-6 PUFA is unlikely to reduce CHD events, CHD mortality or total mortality.”

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Meta-Analysis of RCTs Replacing Saturated Fat

“Present systematic review provides NO evidence for the beneficial effects of reduced / modified fats.

Replacing saturated fat with PUFA led to no reduction in heart disease.

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Study of Chicago Men

A study of Chicago men by Stamler showed NO independent association between saturated fat and heart disease or mortality. This was on 1000s of men.

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Bellevue Experiment:

Villjhamur Stefansson and Andersen ate an entirely animal product diet for 1 year under hospital supervision (and they ate liver)

Shockingly, doctors found 0 ill effects at the conclusion of the study.

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Women’s Health Initiative, the Largest-Ever RCT of Low-Fat Diet

There were no benefits for weight loss, cardiovascular disease and mortality from a low fat diet.

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This study spans 9 years, eight medical centers, $115m and 361k people.

– Experiment group who lowered saturated fat died at higher rates
– In the 16 year follow up the treatment group had 20% higher lung cancer even though they quit smoking

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Framingham Study Follow-Up

30-year follow-up from the framingham study showed that lowering cholesterol led to an increase of “11% overall and 14% CVD death rate increase per 1 mg/dL per year drop in cholesterol levels”

Additionally men with cholesterol below 190 were 3x more likely to get colon cancer.

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Oslo Heart Attack Study

This study includes 412 middle aged men who had a heart attack. One group ate a diet high in cheese milk and meat. The other group had a low cholesterol diet with lots of soybean oil.

Lowered cholesterol by 30% but no significant reduction in death. AND the experiment group cut out tobacco.

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LA Veterans Study

This study on LA veterans lowered cholesterol by 13% but showed no significant difference in myocardial infraction or sudden death.

In the experiment group there was a huge increase in linoleic acid in their fat and they had a higher death rate from non cardiac events.

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Lancet Journalists Commentary

According to the journalists in the Lancet in the 80s after the Food Pyramid publication “so far despite all the effort and money that has been spent, the evidence that eliminating risk factors will eliminate heart disease adds up to little more than zero in terms of preventing heart disease on a public health scale”.

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Israeli Civil Servants Study

A study of 10k civil servants in Israel over 23 years showed no significant association between dietary saturated fat reduction and heart disease.

The only factor preventative of heart disease was “religious orthodoxy”.

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A RCT of Low carb vs Low fat

This study generated 2.3x more weight loss in the low carb group and significant decreases in Triglycerides and remnant cholesterol — risk factors for heart disease.

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24 week RCT of Keto vs Low Fat

Keto group lost 2x the weight and improved their TG / HDL ratio, one of the strongest risk factors for heart disease.(*)

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Obesity RCT

84 people with obesity and type 2 diabetes were randomized to a low carb keto diet or low glycemic diet.

  • 95% of people in the keto group reversed or discountinued meds
  • Blood pressure improved.
  • Blood sugar decreased
  • They lost 24 lbs
  • TG / HDL ratio improved

“So unsafe”

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Meta-Analysis of RCTs on Lowering Red Meat’s Effect on Cancer

What about cancer?

The authors found no significant associations with red meat intake and increased risk of heart events or cancer.

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73 Studies of Red and Processed Meat Intake on Cancer

This study concludes, “The possible absolute effects of red and processed meat consumption on cancer mortality and incidence are very small, and the certainty of evidence is low to very low”

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Red Meat and Colon Polyps

This study found that in people with precancerous colon polyps, reducing red meat did not decrease the risk of recurrence.

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2013 Meta-Analysis

8 Asian studies of 300k people followed for 6 to 15 years

“Red meat intake was INVERSELY associated with CVD mortality in men and with cancer mortality in women in Asian countries.”

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Study on Vegetarians vs Meat Eaters

No difference in death rate between vegetarians and meat eaters

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Overview of RCTs of Low Carb from Diet Doctor

Low carb across the board is better for weight loss, blood sugar and TG / HDL ratios

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Hong Kong vs India

Hong Kong

  • Consumes more meat per person than any other nation at 695 grams per day
  • Longest lifespan in the world at 84.5 years


  • 2nd lowest per meat consumption in the world
  • India has a life expectancy of 68.3 years

It’s supposed to be the other way around?? 

Carnivore Diet Anecdotes

People on the carnivore diet eating only meat have:

  • Reversed diabetes
  • Cured autoimmune disorders
  • Beat depression
  • Lost 100+ lbs

People like Brett are showing what is possible when you eat more meat

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At this point the evidence is abundantly clear.

Meat does not cause disease.

Carbs, sugar, fructose and seed oils do— these are just some of the hidden killers in your diet you should be aware of.

It’s time to wake up and change these disastrous health recommendations.

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