The Body Positivity Movement Needs to End

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Modern society has turned painfully soft. There has been a surge of political correctness, hypersensitivity, and backlash around hard truths. No one tells it like it is anymore. Everything anyone says now needs to be prefaced with some disclaimer to prevent hurting people’s feelings. 

There is no movement that better exemplifies this than the “body positivity” movement.

Somewhere along the way, fat people were given wings to justify their terrible lifestyle and “love themselves the way they are”. No one should be individually attacked for being fat, but we have gotten to the point where it is not only accepted but encouraged… all at the cost of a healthy life.

It isn’t healthy to be fat. Urging you to lose weight is not an assault on your rights and freedom. It’s time to stop pretending that it is.

Obesity is more than just an attack on your beauty. It’s an attack on your arteries. 

Liberal messages of self-love and body positivity have morphed into a justification for a terrible lifestyle.

“Fat is just a description, not a prescription nor an invitation for hate … it is not an excuse to make judgment on health or morality.”  – Jill Andrews, Ted Talk 2014

Fat is not an invitation to hate, but it sure as hell is a prescription to get your shit together.

Society has taken the social progress made in accepting all races and religions and made it about accepting fat, lazy binge eaters. We’ve gotten to the point where being fat is accepted and even encouraged. Messages of unwarranted positivity have become veils blinding one from distinguishing between that which is subjectively beautiful and that which is objectively unhealthy. Yes, beauty is subjective. 

But metabolic health (or a lack thereof) is unequivocally objective. You have no right to claim you have finally accepted the “unique version of yourself” when your toxic habits and malnourishment has led to the destruction of your body and health. It’s time we stop confusing “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” with “health is in the eyes of the beholder.” 

Obesity is Destroying Your Health

An overweight person is at a higher risk of developing a cardiovascular disease just as a smoker is at a higher risk of developing a pulmonary disease. There’s no denying obesity’s link to atherosclerosis or pre-diabetes. There’s no denying its role as a cardiovascular risk factor. Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer all have something to say about your feelings: f*ck them.

And now this is becoming even more apparent with coronavirus. A shenzhen hospital found that obesity increases your risk of a coronavirus severe cause by 3.5x .

Obese people have impaired immune systems rendering them more susceptible to coronavirus. Additionally, some studies have shown that obese people are more contagious and inoculate more virulent strains of the virus inside of their bodies .

Obesity and metabolic health is the main reason why the economy is shut down right now, millions are unemployed and ICUs are overwhelmed. The overwhelming majority of individuals who need to be in the ICU and on a ventilator have metabolic disorders. 

COVID-19 is fat shaming. And it’s time people wake up to the indiscriminate will of nature. 

No. You Were Not Born This Way.

“Being fat isn’t a birth defect, nobody comes out of the womb needing two seats on an airplane. It’s pointing out fat is good and healthy, which is what is bad. Fat shaming needs to make a comeback. Some amount of shame is good.”
– Bill Maher

People have been lied to about their obesity. Obesity is a hormonal problem. Your body does everything in its power to prevent you from getting fat. Because during evolution, being fat equaled death. Everybody is predisposed to be skinny. It’s your diet that screws it up. Instead of asking why people are getting fat, ask why they are always hungry.

Ironically, the cornerstone of weight loss therapy for the last 50 years leaves people extremely hungry. Cutting calories and eating high glycemic carbs increases ghrelin activity, which signals hunger.

Insulin shuts off all body fat burning. Instead of being used for energy, insulin causes the fat you eat to go straight to storage. The solution is to cut carbs and eat lots of protein and fat. Foods high in protein and fat are more satiating than anything else. Protein releases peptide YY and fat releases CCK, which signals to your body that you are full.

Yet protein and fat consumption have fallen off a cliff. For the last 50 years, we’ve been fed lies with no end in sight. You were not born predisposed to obesity. And no, you’re not overweight because you eat too many calories or don’t exercise enough. You’re overweight because you’re eating foods that throw off all of your innate weight regulating mechanisms.

A Vicious Cycle

The body positivity movement has created a strong and stubborn community consisting of a subset of the obese population. In this community, people are finding comfort in one another by preaching self-love, freedom of choice, and handing out fuck-you’s to anyone who doesn’t approve. They are collectively on the defensive and have joined the bandwagon in justifying their shitty physical state. 

Fighting for fat acceptance is the equivalent of fighting for the acceptance of a self-induced, slow death. Why shouldn’t someone urge you to change your body if it means they are helping extend your life?

If you don’t agreem, well… congratulations. You can all fist bump on your short road to the grave. 

This community has instead introduced new bullshit social justice vocabulary like weight bias. For example, that a woman over 300 pounds should not be subject to certain biases… at the doctor’s office? In a recent Ted Talk, an obese woman expressed her frustration towards her doctor for telling her that she didn’t need examination. Her response was a claim to have suffered from weight bias, suggesting that her doctor telling her she was too fat is a form of discrimination. For some reason, rather than accepting the fact that obesity is an illness, it has been used as a victim card for feeling discriminated against. If the obese spent half the amount of time they spend making excuses for themselves in finding ways to drop the weight, they would be lightyears ahead in fighting this epidemic. 

The obese community has developed a mechanism of identifying with one another, supporting each other in a way that makes it sound as if they were born that way. It is a group of food addicts mutually patting each other on the back and preaching to their very own choir: “Society teaches us that being fat is bad..” 

How about your shortness of breath walking up a flight of stairs? Or your inability to run? Or your addiction to sugar? What does that teach you?

Most people who are fat are more focused on moving towards “fat acceptance” and “body positivity” than taking an introspective approach to better themselves. Some amount of shame is good, just like the shame we associate to drug addicts and smokers. 

It is irrational to perpetually encourage the destruction of our bodies just because being called fat on the playground hurts our feelings. For the same reason why there isn’t a “smoker positivity” or “cocaine acceptance” movement, there should not be a “fat positivity” movement. Take the other extreme. Why don’t we tell the anorexic to love themselves the way they are? Would there not be a sense of shame associated to such a detrimental treatment of the body? 

A Nationwide Epidemic

This is a picture of a beach in the 70s.

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Notice something?

Nobody was fat. Heart disease was nonexistent. Little did they know, this was 7 years before the USDA would brainwash people into eating fewer animal products. 

Obesity only exists in humans. No animals in nature are obese because the slow and fat are killed. But when we feed them our foods they start getting sick and fat. Obesity isn’t natural or cool. It’s from eating the wrong crap all day long

Today, a combination of hypersensitive individuals and destructive lifestyle habits has bred a nationwide epidemic. Heart disease is the country’s most common cause of death. 60% of the USA has diabetes or pre diabetes. Over 70% of adults in the US are overweight (of which 37% are obese). At the current trajectory, 44% of adults will be obese by 2030. It’s time for us to realize that this is a national issue. The United States literally has more overweight adults than not. The real cause of countless deaths has been ignored. A shitty lifestyle is the most dangerous weapon. 

Our addiction to junk has resulted in a lifestyle of binging and complete indulgence. No willpower. No self control. No mental strength. Sugary rainbow-colored cereals are marketed to children as nutritious, wholesome breakfasts. Hell, Cheerios’ entire marketing campaign lies on it being “good for the heart” yet it’s loaded with cancer causing vegetable oils, sugar, and corn syrup. 

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A nationwide health epidemic is what happens when you replace foods we’ve been eating forever with crap. If you’re looking to be offended, be offended by the unethical advertising you’ve been brainwashed to believe. 

I’m not going to tell you it’s okay that you’re fat.

Being fat is not okay. It has never been okay and will never be okay. That does not mean that you are a lesser being of society, it means that you are ill. You need treatment. Food is medicine, and you are using food as poison.

We are all independent thinkers. To a large extent, we choose to become smokers, binge eaters, and drug users. The backlash you receive is not an attack on your freedom. It is society calling you out to get better. I’m not going to tell you it’s okay that you’re fat. I’m going to tell you to become a warrior and start motherf**king shedding pounds. Take it as tough love instead of as an excuse to play victim so that you can eat your 7th twinkie. Real body positivity is loving your body by respecting it enough to put real food in your mouth. Each and every one of us carries the blood and genes of emperors and warriors. Absolute athletes, destined to rule. It is time to redefine “self love” and “self respect” by breaking your addiction to comfort and shifting your mindset from victim to warrior.

Take back control with the carnivore diet.

The last thing that your body wants to be is fat. If our ancestors got fat they would have been killed. If you eat the right foods, your body will not let you get fat. Your body will fight to keep you strong and alive.

If you’re obese, constantly tired, irritable, have acne or gut issues, something is wrong. The carnivore diet can help.