CA Diet & Lifestyle Recommendations for High Energy

The key to improving your health is optimizing metabolism and cellular energy flow. All of these issues I mentioned are a result of toxic burden and low energy.

Diet wise, the goal should be complete nutrition. That means all the micro / macro nutrients you need to function optimally.

Right now for me that means getting approx 40% of my energy from simple sugars / fructose (orange juice usually), 40% from fat and 20% from protein. Sometimes I will go even higher on the carbs if I’m feeling extra sluggish.

Then the rest of my diet involves optimizing micronutrients. This includes eating all of these things daily or every other day:

  1. Beef liver (i eat 1/2 a bag of my crisps a day)
  2. red meat
  3. orange juice (already mentioned)
  4. gelatin / bone broth
  5. raw milk / cakcium pills (usually coral calcium)
  6. raw carrot to reduce estrogen
  7. good filtered water

Some other things I will supplement with are the following

  1. magnesium
  2. caffeine pills
  3. k2
  4. coral calcium
  5. niacinamide
  6. aspirin

Other lifestyle factors have been important too. Some things I do on a daily basis:

  1. move, but not too much
  2. good, restorative sleep
  3. Stretch
  4. Deep breathing exercises
  5. ground barefoot
  6. sun first thing in the morning
  7. try to be outside for at least 3-4 hours
  8. sun my genitals
  9. blue light blockers at night
  10. meditate and destress (i usually meditate for an hour a day, but this is for other goals I have)