My 9 Favorite Carnivore Diet Podcasts (Updated 2020)

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For all the ills of modern technology, I have to say that the benefits of podcasts almost make up for it. Key word is almost. 

Podcasts are one of my favorite ways to get information. Information is ubiquitous and I marvel each and every day at how much access the average joe has to the foremost experts on any topic. 

Damn, I really wish there were podcasts 2000 years ago. Imagine being a fly on the wall for a conversation with Marcus Aurelius? 

Okay, let me snap back to reality. 

Here are my favorite carnivore diet podcasts (some are not carnivore specific, but overall health and help to support ancestral health)

My 9 Favorite Carnivore Diet Podcasts

#1 Fundamental Health

Fundamental health is hosted by Dr. Paul Saladino — the radical carnivore diet doctor. This is my favorite carnivore and nutrition podcast. 

Dr Saladino is a wealth of knowledge and does a great job digging into the nitty gritty details.

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#2 Mikhaila Peterson Podcast

You’ve probably heard of her. She’s the daughter of speaker and psychologist Jordan Peterson and one of the biggest advocates of the carnivore diet.

She’s an absolute badass and the embodiment of what I preach.

Her symptom list as a child was long and her medicine list was longer. She was diagnosed with idiopathic arthritis, hypersomnia, depression and anxiety. She was on amphetamines just to stay awake and immunosuppressants for the arthritis. She walked around in a haze and felt like she was constantly in a pit of doom. 

But instead of playing victim for her unfortunate lot in life, she took back control through her diet. And now, she’s completely symptom free.

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She’s a progenitor of the lion diet, and the Mikhaila Peterson podcast does a great job describing her experience with the carnivore diet. Plus she also has some guests on to discuss the horrid political situation. 

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#3 Fat emperor

What my father Marcus was to Rome, Ivor Cummins is to Fat. What I like about Ivor is that he approaches nutrition from an engineers perspective. He’s one of the foremost experts on lipoproteins, cholesterol and the impact of a meat based diet on cardiovascular health. 

He’s also been putting out some great research on COVID lately. 


HVMN has one of the best blogs & podcasts out there focused on optimizing human performance. Geoffrey, the founder, is the biohacker’s biohacker. The company is focused on peak performance and the podcast explores many facets of health beyond diet.

They’ve had some carnivores on the podcast like Frank Tufano and Mikhaila Peterson


#5 Carnivore Cast

Carnivore cast is hosted by Scott Myslinski, a carnivore. This one is focused predominantly on the carnivore lifestyle. Scott has some great guests on the podcast and is very pleasant to listen to. This podcast is a great place to start if you’re new to the carnivore diet lifestyle and want some motivation to try it. 

#6 Human Performance Outliers

Shawn is one of the main faces on the Carnivore Diet Mt. Rushmore. Dr. Baker is an athlete in his fifties, and to put it bluntly, he’s absolutely ripped.

I tried counting his abs but lost track at 3,412. He recently set two indoor rowing world records, and he attributes his success to the carnivore diet.

Dr. Shawn Baker showing off his body

On this podcast, he does a great job digging into the relevant science for carnivore diet advocates. The podcast has more of a focus on athletic performance in relation to the carnivore diet. 

#7 The Natural State with Anthony Gustin

Dr. Anthony Gustin is the founder of perfect keto and an advocate for ancestral eating. Like me, he believes that a return to our ancestral lifestyle will optimize health.

This podcast is not focused on the carnivore diet, but is cut from the same cloth. Plus, it’s nice to break out of the carnivore echo chamber every now and then. His recent podcast episodes with Dr. Paul Saladino and Cate Shanahan are a great place to start.
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#8 Kevin Stock Podcast

Dr. Kevin Stock, a dentist, carnivore and ripped athlete has a great podcast focused on health & the carnivore diet. He’s done a number of experiments on the carnivore diet that are interesting because they stress test some of the strongest nutritional / carnivore dogmas. 

He doesn’t release episodes too frequently, but his archives are a gold mind. 

#9 Ben Greenfield Podcast

This is another podcast that isn’t necessarily focused on the carnivore diet, but is still a must listen. Your health is not just determined by diet…and Ben does a great job bringing in guests to explain some of the other important aspects of lifestyle medicine.

For example, Ben’s podcast is a great source of information on the dangers of EMFs. He also has a few great episodes on how breathwork (& specifically nasal breathing) can improve your health. 


If you’re interested in the carnivore diet and want some help getting started, check out my 14 day meal plan and guide to getting started by signing up below. 

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