It’s Day 25.

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  • Constant news but you’re not well informed.
  • Meds all the time but you’re not healthy.
  • Gyms everywhere but you have no strength.
  • Opinions on everything but you take no action.

Abundance doesn’t increase prosperity.
Scarcity, discipline, and self-control do.


Am I going to be deficient in Vitamin C? Should I be worried?

For all intents and purposes, carnivores and people on the standard American diet are different species. Using the same recommended daily allowance is like trying to pour gasoline into an electric car.

A carnivore diet uses different metabolic pathways and coenzymes. Additionally, the carnivore diet cuts out many anti-nutrients that block vitamin and mineral absorption.

Vitamin C is almost identical to glucose biochemically.

Glucose and vitamin C compete for absorption. So, the lower your blood sugar, the higher bioavailability of the Vitamin C that you do have.

If you’d like to be cautious, try some beef liver which is one of the best animal sources of Vitamin C