Hacks to Transform Pain into Joy

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The best way to attract what you want into life is to feel as good as possible at all times. Why?

Underneath all of your ego’s garbage thoughts is an innate, loving, open, joyful presence. You have the highest vibration presence deep within you, but like on a raindy day the sun is obscured by clouds above it. 

It’s in your power to choose to identify as the bright, open sky or the dark clouds covering it. But every time you feel down, what that means is your attention has wandered away to something missing in your life. And since wheat you hold in your mind tends to manifest in the world around you, the world will continuously present that same lack to you. 

Whereas when you feel great, joyful and loving, that means you’ve cleared away your egoic, self limiting beliefs, and you’re identified with the abundance that you truly are. 

This is a glimpse of what some enlightened masters experience at all times. And when you’re in this state, some pretty magical things can happen…sort of like how I can travel back and forth between ancient rome and present day…or how people like osho had 93 rolls royces that were all given to him. 

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The challenge is that most people do not know how to raise their mental state and vibration and usually just reach for some sort of drug: porn, alcohol, marijuana or social media. These quick hits may help for a short time period, but usually leave you feeling even lower than where you started afterwards.

Instead, try these tips:

#1 Do something you enjoy

Latent within you are all the best feelings imaginable. External things just activate these things by silencing your ego mind. That is why people become so addicted to them and why they can be useful. But you need to be clear about this — the external thing is activating something internal.

This is what all the great spiritual masters realized and why they could be perfectly happy with absolutely nothing.

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Whether it’s your dog, surfing, running, eating liver, having sex, or reading my tweets, everybody has things that they love that do this for them.

If you can, whenever you feel down, try doing one of these things or visualize yourself doing it. 

However, most of the time, I prefer to go straight to the source and try some of the techniques below instead that bypass the external good. 

#2 Gratitude Meditation / Visualization

Right before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning try this.

If you’ve never meditated this may be a little bit challenging, so you should start that first or in accordance with this practice. 

First start by sitting or lying down. Close your eyes. Breath in and out slowly. Follow your breath. Feel it at the tip of your nose. Focus on it, but relax. Thoughts will arise, let them. Do this for a few minutes.

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Then, start to visualize and think about everything you’re grateful for. First, feel your bed. The warmth. The blankets. The comfort of your home. Truly feel grateful for it. Visualize it. Love it. Love your bed. The fact that you get to live in a place with great internet connection. And AC. And holy sh*t there’s steak everywhere. Then, think about your life in general. Who are you grateful for? Your family? Your friends? Your pets. Love them all. Thank them for being there.

Gratitude is a very powerful tool because it teaches your brain that you already have abundance in advance of getting it in the external world. But as I discussed in the last few parts, the key to getting abundance is to first be and feel that abundance. 

#3 Metta Meditation

After doing the above, try this meditation. Metta is a buddhist loving kindness meditation technique.

First, close your eyes. Start by visualizing yourself. Your face. Your body.

Then repeat to yourself the following.

May I be safe

May I be loving

May I be happy

May I be healthy

May my mind be at ease.

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When you say each one, really feel it and visualize these things outpouring to yourself. Really feel safe. Really feel loving. Really feel happy. 

Do it a few times.

Then move onto 1 to 2 more people. Visualize someone else in your life and feel these things pouring out to them. Really see them and feel them. (Make sure to include me, I need your well wishes). 

#4 Listing triggers and transforming them into better feelings. 

After doing these things above, you will feel great. But circumstances in your life will always trigger you. Whenever it happens, try this exercise.

Pull out a piece of paper or your phone (although at this point your only app on your phone should be SMS and you should only text me). Write down whatever triggered you.

“I feel like my husband / wife doesn’t appreciate me”.

The beauty of a trigger like this is that it will always birth the opposite desire in you. For instance, when you feel the trigger above, it will also trigger the desire “I want my wife / husband to appreciate me more”.

The challenge is that as it stands right now, you’re paying more attention to their lack of appreciation than their appreciation. And you can’t just jump from your current belief to “my wife / husband appreciates me a lot!!”. However, the more you pay attention to their lack of appreciation, the more it will occur (because it will lower your vibe and actually cause you to draw it out of them).

So try this exercise instead.

Write down everything good about the interaction and your partner…For instance.

“My wife is working super hard and very busy”

“She’s really helping the family”

“She’s doing so many things to help support us”

“She’s really kind and faithful”

Really make sure you believe each one and try to get down 11 or 12.

Until by the end, you gradually work your way up like a staircase, to damn my wife is super great and loving. 

Then, write in big bold letters, my wife is very loving and appreciative. This should resonate more by the end. Repeat this until the trigger subsides. 

Once you start to feel these more positive emotions based on different interpretations of the same event, you’ll come to an extremely powerful realization: how you feel in any given moment is based on your choice of what thoughts you want to believe.

This is a true superpower. In any given moment, you can always reach for the more positive interpretation. And like magic, this will start to help transform everything in your world from lead into gold like alchemy.

#5 Extended Outbreath 

Breathwork is one of the best ways to quickly change your mood. Often when you’re feeling down and stressed your breathing also gets quicker and shorter. This is because breathing is intimately connected to your nervous system. When you’re stressed, you’re in more of a sympathetic nervous system state — no, that doesn’t mean that you have lots of sympathy — it’s a fight or flight state. 

When you’re calm, you’re in what’s called the parasympathetic nervous system. Breathwork can help to toggle between the two. 

My favorite way to do so is with extended out breaths. Try doing the following:

Close your eyes. 

Breathe in naturally.

Breathe out for as long as you can and follow the breath closely with your attention. 


#6 Sun. Steel. Beef liver.

Sun your balls. Do some deadlifts. Eat beef liver.

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