King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: What it Really Means to be a Man

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King Warrior Magician Lover is a book that can be the antidote to the crisis of masculinity facing us.

What is the crisis? Emotional toddlers are walking around in men’s clothes. 

They’re grown adults. Balding. Overweight. With dad bods. But they’re stuck in puberty. 

In Jungian terms, they haven’t fully developed their archetypes into a real man. As a result, they’re weak shadows of what they could be. 

We’ve forgotten what a real man is and instead conflated it with this undeveloped, childlike behavior.

Then people attack these faux men, preventing the real ones from flourishing. 

The real issue isn’t too much masculinity. It’s too little. 

Let’s dig in. 

Evolutionary Mismatch

Men used to be the bedrock holding society together. They were the people protecting the boundaries and hunting for food so that everyone else could flourish.

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But in the blink of an eye — or the click of a keyboard — the need for these strong men seemingly vanished. 

Over the last 10,000 years, the traditional role for men has been slowly withered away. 

Agriculture replaced hunting. The grocery store replaced the plains. Government contracted drone warfare replaced real fighting. Robots are well on their way to replacing most manual labor. 

The automatic conveyor belt has abolished the need for strong men. A life of safety from the comfort of the couch has replaced a life of primal warfare. 

And by the way, if you’re a man and not eating a diet high in meat like the carnivore diet, you’re shooting yourself in the foot (or shooting your balls with an estrogen gun). 

Jung and the Archetypes

Carl Jung, one of the greatest psychologists, discovered that humans have an operating system like a computer. And deep within their code lies latent archetypes, or shared programs, that were developed over 2 million years and still need to flourish — even if they are not as necessary today. 

Each archetype exists in a shadow and full form. The full form leads to men who fight for the benefit of all. The shadow form creates men who destroy what others build. 

Ancient society had practices and rituals to ensure these archetypes flourished. However, today we’ve simply blanketed these men in comfort and attacked their masculinity as “toxic”. 

But instead of these practices, men are now born into a world of pleasure and told to sit down and shut up because all that matters is your next paycheck..

All men have these archetypes submerged in a deep world of their subconscious. They’re always functioning, but never properly trained. 

If you don’t properly hone, nurture and cultivate these archetypes, you’ll always be a shadow of what you can be. 

Instead of leveraging them to succeed on your quest for fulfillment, they will harm you. 

Every man has both an inner demonic tyrant and latent king in his fullness lurking within. All ancients realized this: one of the most important functions of culture was ensuring full masculinity flourished so that the tyrant inclination could be suppressed. 

King Warrior Magician Lover

King Warrior Magician Lover is based off of the archetypes Jung posited. 

Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette extended Jung’s conceptual framework and focused on four masculine archetypes. 

One of the central theses of the book is that the “issues” many people see with masculinity today aren’t problems of true masculinity. They are masculinity in its shadow form. 

When a man is not in touch with the fullest embodiment of himself, he is weak, unfilled and fails in life. He lashes out at others and is a menace to society instead of a bedrock. 

A real man is not a tyrant. A real man is loving, kind, nurturing, courageous, strong. 


These are the four archetypes Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette discussed in their seminal work.

The Lover

Lover in His fullness

The Lover is not the first thing when you think of the platonic man. But it’s one of the most important archetypes and usually the first archetype to develop in a man, especially in its shadow form.

What are the characteristics of the lover in his fullness?

A fully developed masculinie lover is related, connected, alive, compassionate, energized and romantic. A developed lover is romantic about his life, work and purpose. He feels connected to the world and nature. He feels a purpose. 

The lover archetype is a man’s source of meaning and spirituality. He’s the dreamer and passionate about everything happening around.

He’s also highly empathetic. He’s the man who cares for his family. Feels for strangers. 

The problem with most men is not that they’re too passionate about things. But that they experience no passion, or zest for life. 

Part of this is because the lover is stamped out of men early on. Unrelenting attacks on male vitality and lover side begin early on. 

Men are told to brush everything off. To sit down and shut up in school. Told that they need to suppress their soft side. But every man has this feeling and empathetic side to them. 

Then men are told that they need to suck up to women, cater to their every need and shower them in gifts if they ever want their love. This isn’t real love. This is a fake disney fairytale, constructed by and for the benefit of women. The paradox is it ends up harming both men and women. 

Love is not just erotic. The Greeks had multiple conceptions of love. One of which was agape: love that transforms others. Think of this like the love you have for a child or a mentee. There’s also philia, which is brotherly love..

Western society today knows nothing of these forms of love. 

A loving man is a symbol of life force itself. This is why the phallus is a great creative, generative symbol symbol.

The lover feels the force of the world. Like Obi Wan Kinobe or Lao Tzu.

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He is 

  • playful. 
  • COmfortable in his own body without shame
  • Excited
  • Passionate
  • Empathetic 
  • Sexual
  • Sensitive

How many of you know a man like this in your life? This is one of the least developed archetypes today.

Shadow Lover

There are two shadow forms of the lover. The addicted and the impotent lover.

Both are much more common than the lover in his fullness today. 

The addict is possessed by these energies instead of using them as a life force. The shadow lover energy destroys men who possess it. 

The addict is lost. Any external pressures cause this man to deviate from his course. 

He’s constantly distracted, like a barracuda attracted to the next shiny object. 

This is (or hopefully was) many of you pre carnivore diet. This is the person who’s addicted to external pleasures: food, dopamine, instagram, netflix. This is the off centered man who can’t push through discomfort to attack his real goals because he’s perpetually leaning into something else.

He gets sucked into the quicksand all around him, deeper and deeper until he’s completely miserable and can’t get off his phone or stop shoveling sugar into his mouth. 

He’s trying to orgasm constantly, but what he really wants is the ultimate orgasm — the death of all desire. 

This is the reason why the Stoics, Buddhists and Christians knew that external things would never ultimately yield happiness. The high they give you is temporary and will always leave you searching for more. 

The addict and shadow lover needs strong boundaries and discipline. This is what a strict carnivore diet and dopamine fast can help to provide. 

The impotent lover is on the other side of the spectrum. Nothing can attract him. Life feels gray and flat. He’s not just sexually flaccid, but mentally flaccid too. This man has no sense of purpose, but needs one most. 

The Warrior

The warrior is one of the most important archetypes, but also the most misunderstood. This is the masculine archetype people are most uncomfortable with right now. 

Partially because so many people have been direct victims of the shadow warrior archetype. 

The rage against toxic masculinity is often rage against this underdeveloped warrior. 

On the other side of the coin, is the soft masculine. Many feminists rage against this as well — the weak man who continues his unworthy rule. 

What is the Warrior in his fullness?

Warrior in His Fullness 

The common misconception is that the warrior is full of rage and vengeance. But this is not the warrior in his fullness.

Real warriors have both inner and outer self control and discipline. They are highly aware, attentive and energetic. They are strong, but disciplined. 

It is a total way of life, like the life of a samurai. The motto of the warrior is that the only way to face life is forward.

The warrior is like a jiu jitsu fighter in a flow state. Or a samurai who knows when to wield his sword, but also as importantly when to holster it. 

Warriors are loyal to something bigger than themselves and often willing to die for a cause. Japanese samurais would kill themselves, for instance, when completing their mission (or when failing). 

The warrior energy is the source of self discipline and self mastery. He knows that a strong body stems from a strong mind. And a strong mind stems from boundaries. 

This is Jesus fasting for 40 days before he spoke with god. Or Marcus Aurelius imperturbability during the raids of barbarians. 

The warrior is vital to the process of building and defending civilizations. Marcus Aurelius preserved mediterranean civilization from wars. The Spartans defended greek civilization against persian invasion.

The warrior energy is aggressive when it needs to be. It tears down the old so that the new can flourish. It’s the archetype within you that gives you the energy to tear down your old destructive habits so that you can replace them with ones that increase your vitality. 

Sometimes things need to be destroyed. With birth, there often is blood. Civilization today would not be here without the warriors ability to destroy. 

This is what people fear today, especially the corrupt leaders in power. Because deceitful leaders cannot hide from the sword of a fully developed warrior.

When combined with the other archetypes, something magnificent can emerge. Warriors connected to the magician energy bring a dedication to spiritual transcendence. Connected to the lover’s energy it yields protective compassion for all. 

Full warriors fight for the justice of all.

Shadow Warrior: Sadist and masochist

Shadow warriors are menaces to society, and often what people think of today when they picture masculinity.

A shadow warrior is detached from the loving archetype and self centered confidence that provides true strength.

He is cruel without empathy, like the bully who tortures others for the fun of it. It is the avenging god of myths. Shiva, dancing the dance of eternal destruction. 

It is, spoiler alert, Darth Vader — a warrior turned dark spirit.

The shadow warrior hates and humiliates the weak. He may have a strong facade, but he is really very weak. He is a depressed coward and using his total domination of others to cover up his insecurities. 

He’s also the weak man who cannot bring himself to leap into battle. He is constantly “waiting for next year” to start something new. He’s always “too busy”, when in reality he’s too afraid. 

He continues to indulge in damaging habits because he doesn’t have the courage to change. Without self confidence, this warrior is perpetually afraid of stepping on the toes of others, and this also makes him terrified of trying something new. 

This is a common theme throughout the book: it is the weak men you need to fear, not the strong ones. 


Almost every boy goes through a phase where they are obsessed with magic. This happens because of the innate magical archetype within. 

Magician in His Fullness

The magician is two things (1) The knower and (2) The master of technology.

The magician in his fullness is responsible for driving modern civilization

Shamans, inventors, scientists, doctors — these men are all accessing the magician’s energy. 

The magician is the expert that knows things others don’t. He is the elder you rely on for information in times of need. 

He knows the phases of the moon, the secrets of the stars or how to be healthy.

They also are master bullshit detectors. Lao Tzu, for instance, would help release kings from tempestuous moods. These are the men that invented engineering and math and tried to turn lead into gold. 

The magician also plays a critical role as the ritual elder who helps to initiate others. They are the magical force that can help to turn boys into men, like the alchemist who turns lead into gold. 

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The spiritual magician elder is in short supply today.

The magician recognizes that the reality you see is just the tip of the iceberg. That there’s a subterranean world below. He has access to it. 


  • Aware
  • Mindful
  • Spiritual
  • Detactched in solitude
  • Introverted, but not shy

He doesn’t necessarily have the capacity to act, but he has the intuition to see what the right actions are. 

He takes the bird’s eye view that others can’t and from this perspective he “partners” with the warrior archetype to act as a force for good. 

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Shadow Magician

The active pole of the shadow magician is the corrupt snake oil salesman. 

The shadow magician uses his heightened awareness for evil. This is what you could call “dark magic”.

This is Bernie Madoff or Billy mcfarland. All the snake oil salesmen, who know how to attract people and sell them overpriced BS. 

This is the CEO who decides it’s best to pollute the oceans. Or the big CPG exec who condones glyphosate use because it pads profits. 

These people engage in the wholesale manipulation of the public psyche. 

The passive pole on the other hand is the overly innocent man. He refused to take on any responsibility and is perpetually dependent. He refused to know and explore himself. He indulges in external hedonistic pleasures, but always feels a gaping hole within him.

The King

The King in His Fullness

The king is one of the most primal desires in men. Unsurprisingly this comes online last

The king in his fullness expresses the other three archetypes in their fullness. 

The loving male. The spiritual yearning of the magician. The strength of the warrior. 

It’s a perfect recipe for leading a group of people. But also most importantly, to helping others develop in their fullness. 

Ancients used to believe that Kings were mediums of a divine force. The health of the kingdom was a reflection of the health of the King (which may have some parallels to today). 

A good king provides the necessary stability and centeredness for a kingdom to flourish. A firm, but loving center. 

A good king is ordering, like the logos in christianity or dharma in Hindhu. He ensures everything follows the proper path. And when a King didn’t live correctly, the gods would return and upend society, installing a new king. 

The king is the stoic who keeps his calm when everyone else is mad.

Think of Marcus Aurelius, my father. Marcus Aurelius was the most powerful man in the most powerful empire in the world. He was a God on earth, with life or death power. He could have anybody killed or any woman he desired. But instead of hedonistically indulging these pleasures for his self advantage, he renounced these desires for the sake of the Roman republic. 

The great king is also embodied in the great father who encourages the creativity and vitality of his children. He protects them when they need protection. He loves them when they need love. And he sets boundaries when they need discipline. Using his magician intuition he’s able to discern most what they need at any given time. 

As Jordan Peterson says, the king is the strongest man at your father’s funeral.

The full king is:

  1. Wise
  2. Compassionate
  3. Centered
  4. Motivated

Shadow King: Tyrant and Weakling

The kings active shadow pole is the tyrant and passive shadow is the weakling. 

Today more people think of kings as tyrants and not stable, generative leaders. Caligula is an example of how badly wrong this can go. 

If you put a tyrant in a King’s chair shit really hits the fan. Think about giving a pubescent teenager the nuke button. 

Caligula is an example. He literally declared himself a god on earth and ruled hedonistically. He stole wives from others and had people executed for fun. Rome suffered under his rule. 

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The scary part is that we all have this tyrant inside of us, especially when we’re pushed to the limit. 

It operates most in the people with narcissistic personality disorder who feel like theyre at the center of the universe. 

For men, life is a long test and journey to developing your inner king in your fullness. The greatest most embodied version of yourself. 

We all have a little tyrant inside of us — especially when pushed to the limit. 

These are also the drug lords, pimps and mafia bosses. People who get off on taking advantage of others. But as you learned in this piece, these people who show the most strength externally are often the weakest on the inside.  

This is the common theme here: weakness produces a tyrant, not strength. 

These weak men need to be adored and will have you beheaded for any slight, because they are not confident in their own skin. 

The best men are dangerous and tame this tyrant shadow.

Weak men cannot be virtuous. They are only obedient. Only strong men who have the option to be evil and choose not to can be. 


Men need to be supported. They need to be around other strong men who help to initiate them. 

This is a dire crisis. There is nothing more dangerous than weak men. 

It’s time to bring back the rituals and initiation processes necessary for them to be strong. 

If you’re interested in becoming the best man you can be, the carnivore diet needs to be a part of that journey. Sign up below for access to my 14 day guide to getting started.

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