Sexual Energy is Your Life Force

Sexual energy is your life force Used improperly it will destroy you.

However, if harnessed it can be transformed into spiritual awakening and the highest states possible.

Most people do not control their sexual energy, but are controlled by it…

They waste it on frivolous hookups and in their bedsheets alone. If you can’t go one night without masturbating, sexual energy is running your life.

However, men and women who master sexual energy together unleash one of the most powerful forces and medicines in the universe. It is a link from the bodily world of sensations to the higher divine world of the cosmos.

Stop reducing sex to self pleasure and craving. Unrestrained sexual frenzy will enslave you and leave you empty. It will reduce your relationships from passion and love into flat, stale monotony.

Instead, use it for sacred connection, open your heart and transform the energy into the highest creative & healing power in the universe. Tame the tiger, hop on and ride it instead of letting it eat you alive.