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My name is Carnivore Aurelius.

I spend my time studying nutrition. I’ve published articles. I’ve read biochemistry textbooks. I’ve dug up the weeds of PubMed and scientific journals.

I’ve searched for the truth… and found it.

Now, I am using the carnivore diet to help others. 

Once a week. All meat. No spam.

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Do You Need Carbohydrates For Muscle Gain?

Muscles are the organ of longevity. Unfortunately, most people ignore its critical role in health. Having muscles means living longer. Some are worried that on a carnivore diet all their gains will disappear. “Eat carbs,” they say, “they’re essential”. But do you...

Carnivore Diet | 16 Reasons Why It Works (+ Benefits)

Acne. IBS. Rheumatoid arthritis. Not to sound like an infomercial, but the carnivore diet cured these all for me. The carnivore diet has cured the incurable., World Carnivore Tribe and r/ZeroCarb are teeming with 10s of thousands of people who have...

Oxalates: 12 Dangers of Eating Foods With Oxalates

Plants don’t want to be eaten of course. So, like Kevin McCallister in Home Alone, they set booby traps for anybody who dares to try. One of those booby traps are oxalates. Did you know that many chronic issues are caused by oxalates? Oxalates can cause many issues...

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