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Do You Suffer From These Issues? If So, Your Diet May Be the Problem

skin issues

Skin Issues

autoimmune issues

Autoimmune Issues



gut issues

Gut Issues





I’m Here To Help

My name is Carnivore Aurelius.

I spend my time studying nutrition. I’ve published articles. I’ve read biochemistry textbooks. I’ve dug up the weeds of PubMed and scientific journals.

I’ve searched for the truth… and found it.

Now, I am using the carnivore diet to help others. 

Once a week. All meat. No spam.
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Poor health doesn’t just lead to obesityIt rewires your brain.

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The Truth About Cholesterol

Cholesterol is one of the most feared molecules in the world today. Yet new research shows it’s one of the most beneficial molecules for your health. How does everyone have it so backwards? How Did We Get Here? Why did cholesterol get put into the penalty box? Three...

All of the Evidence that Red Meat is Not Bad For You

The vilification of meat is the biggest health disaster of the last century.And at this point there is NO evidence to support it.Yet the WHO guidance in 2018 was STILL to keep saturated fat to under 10% of calories.Here’s ALL the evidence that they're wrong  RCT:...

5 Hidden Killers in Your Diet

It’s never been harder to be healthier. It’s not just the chemicals and the pesticides. It’s all the secret health killers that people are told are healthy. What hurts me the most are all the people trying to eat healthy but instead are poisoned by what they are...

What I Will Do For You

food coaching

Food Coaching

sports nutrition

Sports Nutrition

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Vitamins & Supplements

weight loss

Weight Loss

Once a week. All meat. No spam.

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