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My name is Carnivore Aurelius.

I spend my time studying nutrition. I’ve published articles. I’ve read biochemistry textbooks. I’ve dug up the weeds of PubMed and scientific journals.

I’ve searched for the truth… and found it.

Now, I am using the carnivore diet to help others. 

Once a week. All meat. No spam.

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Poor health doesn’t just lead to obesityIt rewires your brain.

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Lectins: Are They Really Bad For You? 10 Dangers of Eating Them

“Make sure to eat your plants and veggies”.  This is nonsense. Plants and vegetables are not put on this earth to serve humans.  They don’t want to be eaten.Over millions of years evolving with animals, they developed defense mechanisms.  Instead of fleeing or...

4 Amazing Benefits of Pemmican (+How to Make it)

Can you imagine the perfect food?  It would have to be incredibly nutritious, versatile, portable, long-lasting, and as compact and lightweight as possible.   Not only that, it wouldn’t come from a lab or a big multinational corporation--it would have a long and...

The Carnivore Diet is the Best Weight Loss Diet: 8 Reasons Why

You’re not overweight because you’re lazy. You’re not overweight because you were cursed with bad genes. You’re overweight because junk science and junk food have messed up your natural hormonal mechanisms.  We can fix this.  Weight loss all comes down to two...

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