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Do You Suffer From These Issues? If So, Your Diet May Be the Problem

skin issues

Skin Issues

autoimmune issues

Autoimmune Issues



gut issues

Gut Issues





I’m Here To Help

My name is Carnivore Aurelius.

I spend my time studying nutrition. I’ve published articles. I’ve read biochemistry textbooks. I’ve dug up the weeds of PubMed and scientific journals.

I’ve searched for the truth… and found it.

Now, I am using the carnivore diet to help others. 

Once a week. All meat. No spam.
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Poor health doesn’t just lead to obesityIt rewires your brain.

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Keto vs Carnivore: Everything You Need to Know

The keto and carnivore diets are two distinct styles of eating that both fall into the low carb camp. But don’t confuse them for the same, while they are both a far cry from the food pyramid, there are some distinct differences that set them apart. Ketosis &...

The 5 Best Beef Liver Recipes (Carnivore & Keto Friendly)

Beef liver is nature’s original superfood. When I started eating it I experienced so many benefits: My skin cleared up My energy was better I had more muscle growth I think I even developed xray vision… But the problem is it tastes like something from fear factor....

5 Amazing Benefits of Leucine

Leucine is an essential amino acid and further classified as a branched-chain amino acid (BCAA). While all amino acids serve many important functions in the body, leucine uniquely contributes to muscle growth. Before you hit up Amazon for a 5-star rated leucine...

What I Will Do For You

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Food Coaching

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Sports Nutrition

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Vitamins & Supplements

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Weight Loss

Once a week. All meat. No spam.

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