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My name is Carnivore Aurelius.

I spend my time studying nutrition. I’ve published articles. I’ve read biochemistry textbooks. I’ve dug up the weeds of PubMed and scientific journals.

I’ve searched for the truth… and found it.

Now, I am using the carnivore diet to help others. 

Once a week. All meat. No spam.

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The 9 Health Benefits of Eating Liver You Desperately Need

Eating liver gave me superpowers. Okay...it didn't give me x-ray vision. But it helped me: Rejuvenate my skin Supercharge my energy Increase detox Accelerate my muscle growth Before you turn your nose up at the thought of eating organ meat, let’s take a look at why...

11 Carnivore Diet Benefits: Why You Need to Try It

“You can’t do the carnivore diet, you’ll get scurvy!”  I’ve heard this way too many times. People are terrified of adopting the carnivore diet because of the scurvy boogeyman... The carnivore diet may have massive benefits. People that have followed the carnivore diet...

16 Reasons Why The Carnivore Diet May Work (The Science Behind it)

Acne. IBS. Rheumatoid arthritis. Not to sound like an infomercial, but the carnivore diet cured these all for me. Meatheals.com, World Carnivore Tribe and r/ZeroCarb are teeming with 10s of thousands of people who have reversed serious health conditions. It’s almost...

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