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Seventh Day Adventist Vegetarianism: The Shocking Origins of the Vegan Diet

Disturbing Origins of the Vegan Diet


When most people think of veganism, they think of hipsters munching on granola or eating a tofu stir fry.

Or maybe you think of militant ideologic vegans shouting angrily at farmers and holding signs to protest the eating of animals.

But do you know how veganism began in the west?

The truth is much more sordid and wouldn’t be out of place in a Dan Brown novel.

It starts with the entranced visions of a cult leader, a generations long fight to prevent sexual promiscuity, all ultimately leading to a multinational cereal corporation funding church-inculcated religious ‘scientists’ to promote a religious agenda. Now, city dwelling sanctimonious kids have jumped on the bandwagon unaware of veganism’s perverted origins.

While it sounds like a conspiracy, unlike Flat Earth theory, this one is true. Let’s dig in.

The Surprising Founder of American Veganism

It’s 1847 and a plain looking, 90 pound, brown haired, 21 year old newly married woman is lying on the floor of a church, unconscious and shaking.

This is nothing new for Ellen G. White, who has had seizures since she was hit in the head with a stone at 9 years old.

According to her, these attacks sent her visions from God. Many of which warned her against eating meat. <1> Ellen would later be instrumental in the founding of the 12th largest religion in the world, the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church, a religion that now boasts a membership of 25 million people in over 200 countries! <8>

Based almost exclusively on these visions, meatless eating became a tenet of the church that many Adventists around the world still adhere to today.

The Dark Underbelly of a Meatless Religious Precept

While seemingly harmless, the precepts of religious cults often end up far darker. In this case, western civilization was to be (and still is being) irreparably influenced by White’s visions. One of the major conduits of this influence was via a young Adventist named John Harvey Kellogg who became a typesetter for Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) publications around 1866 when he was a young teenager.

The young man’s mind was so deeply influenced by the Church publications on health, chastity, and purity that he became a doctor and later ran the first Adventist hospital, the Battle Creek Sanitarium, in order to advance that cause.

Advance the church tenets he most certainly did. After brutalizing young boys who masturbated through ‘circumcision as punishment’, pouring carbolic acid on girls’ clitorises, or suturing the foreskin over the tip of boys’ penises to prevent erections, he went one step further and invented what he hoped would be a form of chemical castration: Kellogg’s Corn Flakes.

This isn’t some conspiracy that people against vegans or the church made up, these are ‘remedies’ for masturbation and impure thoughts outlined in Kellogg’s own book “Plain Facts for Old and Young”. In Kellogg's book he wrote:

"A remedy for masturbation which is almost always successful in small boys is circumcision, especially when there is any degree of phimosis. The operation should be performed by a surgeon without administering anaesthetic, as the pain attending the operation will have a salutary effect upon the mind, especially if it be connected with the idea of punishment."

Bland, plant based, ‘non-stimulating’ food was one of the core tenets of furthering a life without lust, which later became the Kellogg’s cereal giant we know today. The good doctor should know what worked since he reportedly never consummated his marriage, preferring to adopt rather than give into lustful thoughts. <3>

When Kellogg wasn’t torturing children and inventing forms of chemical castration in the guise of healthful foods, he used his profits from hobbling the populace through poor nutrition to fund eugenics organizations and white supremecist groups.

In 1906, Kellogg put his beliefs into action and become the founder of a segregationist group called the Race Betterment Foundation which successfully lobbied the Michigan legislature to pass a law that ultimately sterilized at least 3800 'moral degenerates, sexual deviants, epileptics, the feebleminded or insane.' against their will. <3> <6> <7>

Pushing the Nutrition Agenda Beyond the Church

Kellogg and the SDA church promoted a meatless agenda in several brilliant if not downright devious ways. Early church hospitals, known as Sanitariums, offered medical care and, of course, advocated and served a meatless diet.

Since the Sanitariums needed doctors, the Adventists created colleges to train their doctors. Later, the church continued to train their doctors in the hundreds of US hospitals they eventually created, as well as training missionary doctors to take the message of ‘health through diet’ around the world.

The church, in a paper entitled ‘The Global Influence of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church on Diet’ freely admits that “The SDA Church established hundreds of hospitals, colleges, and secondary schools and tens of thousands of churches around the world, all promoting a vegetarian diet.” <4>

Of course, hospitals pushing a dietary agenda need dietitians to tell patients what to eat. Adventist Lenna Frances Cooper filled that role by cofounding the American Dietetic Association in 1917 in order to train these budding dietitians in the art of promoting a diet for chastity and purity.

Today, the American Dietetic Association is the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and describes itself as “the world's largest organization of food and nutrition professionals” whose “members... play a key role in shaping the public's food choices”. <5>

In other words, it’s the world’s largest diet lobby group, and they are extremely active today in influencing governmental dietary policy towards a meatless agenda.

Spreading Ideology Takes Money!

But to spread an ideology, a church needs money and when passing around a hat just doesn’t cut it, you need to turn to more ambitious endeavors. Watching Kellogg peddle his Corn Flakes, invent granola, and patent methods for making peanut butter, the church soon learned that feeding people meatless ‘convenience’ foods was extremely lucrative. <11>

So through their creation, the Sanitarium Food Company, today known as Loma Linda Foods, introduced other nut butters, ‘nut loafs’, and meatless animal protein substitutes to the US a century before Beyond Burger and Impossible Burgers.

In fact, it was the Seventh Day Adventist Church that was instrumental in spreading soy from Asia to the rest of the world. <9>

The irony is that both vegan burgers and granola, products often associated with hippies and ‘nature children’ are actually the result of a puritanical church ideology trying to curb masturbation and lust!

“No other organization or group of people has played a more important role than Seventh-day Adventists in introducing soyfoods, vegetarianism, meat alternatives, wheat gluten, dietary fiber or peanut butter to the Western world.” -- Soy Info Center

One of the ways they have accomplished influencing their religious agenda on the world is by funneling this money into their flagship creation, Loma Linda University Health in southern California, where the long tradition of Adventists getting trained to become doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, and scientists that will help to spread the tenets of the church through the veneer of charity and science is carried out. <12>

Loma Linda University Health is the umbrella for a huge number of health organizations, including Loma Linda University and Loma Linda University Medical Center, all working hand-in-hand to spread the tenets of the church.

Loma Linda University is where they train and give degrees to these professions, thus stocking the world’s medical centers, political lobby groups, and even the CDC with Adventist trained physicians, dietitians, and their most nefarious of tactics, raising up a plethora of research scientists.

When a Church Buys Science…

These doctors and research scientists, who specialize in such diverse subjects, unsurprisingly, as nutrition and environmental science, then go on to use the medical center to do studies on the 'healthfulness' of a meatless diet as well as it’s impact on the environment.

The church has been so successful in this clandestine ‘study’ of their tenets that the vast majority of ‘evidence’ favoring veganism or vegetarianism, recently being lumped into the undefined term ‘plant based diets’, have been conducted by scientists trained at Loma Linda University!

The numbers of their studies are so extensive that my attempt to quantify them ended after several hours of continuously finding more and more. I settled for a list of just the studies conducted by a single Loma Linda scientist named Joan Sabate, whose lifetime achievement of at least 31 published studies (this does not include metanalyses or opinion pieces published in peer reviewed journals) would make any scientist green with envy. <10>

But there are dozens, if not hundreds more studies all done to advance the religious precepts of the church. In fact, there are some researchers, like Terry Butler, DrPH, MPH, who are also pastors in the church! Not only that, but he’s infiltrated himself into none other than the CDC, doing studies that impact world health recommendations. <14>

You’ll find Adventist trained scientists similarly situated in positions of authority around the world. Gary Fettke, for instance, is a doctor who promotes a low carbohydrate lifestyle and was investigated for his practices by the Australian Medical Board. His wife, Belinda, discusses her shock in discovering that the expert witness doctor in the trial was an Adventist. <15>

Another example is this official Italian position statement on vegan and vegetarian diets <16>. All one needs to do is to search for any of the researchers’ names and ‘Loma Linda’ or ‘Joan Sabate’ and you’ll find that most have worked directly for Loma Linda or with their scientists. <17> There’s almost no where you can look into nutrition science and not find the influence of the Adventist church.

In fact, vegans like to hang their hat on a study showing vegans and vegetarians have long lifespans, but this study, too, was done by Loma Linda University Medical Center with none other than Joan Sabate as one of the researchers. Not only was the research and scientists paid for by Loma Linda University, but the test subjects were church members who eat foods peddled by the food companies owned by the church.

If this is not a massive conflict of interest, I simply don’t know what is. Indeed, the bias of the Loma Linda researchers is overwhelming. Studies done on vegans and vegetarians that are not done by Adventists do not yield the same positive results. <13] In fact, Hong Kong Is One of the Longest Lived Places in the World, and eats the highest amount of meat in the world as well.

“The current scientific evidence is too low to conclude that vegan diets are generally healthy diets, in particular concerning their long-term impact on the risk of several diseases and all-cause mortality. These diets can therefore not be recommended, in a disease prevention optic.”
2018 Vegan diets: review of nutritional benefits and risks Expert report of the Federal Commission for Nutrition FCN

The veganism that we see in the west has been founded, funded, and promoted not as a healthful diet or an animal rights crusade, but as a puritanical Seventh Day Adventist Church religious agenda. Not ironic at all is that one of the few ‘negative’ findings on vegan and vegetarian diets done by Loma Linda scientists, with Joan Sabate on board, was that Vegan Men Have Lower Sperm Counts.

Since Sperm Counts Have Been Steadily Falling since the widespread consumption of foods introduced by Kellogg’s and Loma Linda Foods to begin with, I can only imagine that John Harvey Kellogg would be laughing with glee at the new crop of vegans who style themselves as ‘enlightened’, but who are unwitting proponents of a giant worldwide promotion of the bizarre ethics of a puritanical and even sadistic religious agenda.


Veganism is religious propaganda. And everybody has fallen for it.

Vegan promoters and acolytes do not have your best interests in mind. There is no reason to be a vegan. It is not better for the environment. It is not better for your health. And it is not better for animals.

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