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Sexual Kung Fu

Sexual Kung Fu

The ancients knew that sex was so much more than a self masturbatory exercise.

They understood that sexual energy is power, and could be used to unlock higher doors of creation when used correctly.
The taoists, an ancient religion, actually advised against male ejaculation too frequently as it released sexual chi out of the body.

The taoists had rules on how often you should ejaculate based on your age. Here they are:

20 years old: ejaculate every 4 days
30 years old: ejaculate every 8 days
40 years old: ejaculate every 20 days

Contrast that with the modern man who ejaculates nightly, at the very least....

They didn't suggest you shouldn't have sex.

Instead, they taught men how to harness this sexual chi and redirect it higher towards their brain.

The ultimate goal was to be able to have non ejaculation orgasms, which would unlock a tremendous amount of energy.

Here are some of the exercises they prescribed.


Few exercises strengthen the pelvic floor which is crucial when it comes to sexual cultivation. There are a vast number of nerve endings and channels are here that communicate with the entire body.

This weakness will dissipate energy and the brain and organs will suffer. In old age, these muscles become weak, dissipating the sexual chi over time. Through these exercises you can draw life energy into the testicles, filling them with vitality, and then redirect it and refine it into an even higher state.

#1. Testicle breathing

The body posesses several diaphragms. Most people know the main one around the stomach. But lesser know is the pelvic diaphram.To cultivate your sexual chi you must be able to use this properly as it's the center of real deep breathing. Taoists believe the scrotum is actually the lowest diagram.

This exercise can flood that region with energy, tightening it almost immediately. Its the factory that produces your male hormones, so directing energy there is tremendously beneficial.

Here's how

1. Sit on the edge of a chair with your feel flat on the floor. Wear loose pants (don't want to be naked in a cold room). Focus your attention on the scrotum between your two testicles. Make sure you relax.

#2. Inhale and pull the testicles up. Hold as long as you can. Then exhale slowly and lower the testicles. As you inhale, think of breath going down into the testes and filling them.

#3. Repeat 9 times for 1 set. Do this 3-6 sets. Over time youll actually observe the rise and fall of the testes and the lower abdomen will begin to move less.

Scrotal compression exercise

This exercise can increase energy in the scrotum

#1 Sit on the edge of your chair with the feet flat on the floor.

#2 Inhale through your nostrrils into your throat. From there, swallow your air down to the solar plexus halfway between your heart and belly button. Imagine the air as the ball.#3 Roll it down to your belly button. Then your pelvis. Then your scrotup. Do this with your attention.Hold it down there for at least 40 seconds and muscle.

#4 Exhale and relax completely. This will charge your whole body.

Power lock

This exercise is key to sealing your semen. It is working up to what taoists call the big draw, which you use during sexual intercourse. This exercise is used alone. The idea during this exercise is that you arouse and warm the sexual energy and explode it higher towards your brain instead of out of your body.

#1. Sit in the same position as testicle breathing.

#2. Arouse yourself to around 90% of the way to orgasmic ejaculation.

#3. Inhale deeply through the nose. Clench both fists, claw your feet down, clench your jaw, tighten the back of the neck and press your tongue firmly against the roof of your mouth. Inhale one more time, tightening your perineum and anus region. Feel yourself pulling energy up from the penis to the perineum.

#4 Hold your breath and slowly count to 9 with everything flexed.

#5. Exhale and let go. Do this 9 times or until the erection subsides. This counts as one set. Repeat 3 times.