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Stacking Steaks: $15,000 Bitcoin Giveaway

Stacking Steaks: $15,000 Bitcoin Giveaway

I’m officially coming out of the Bitcoin closet.

And I’ll be giving away $15,000 worth of bitcoin in celebration.

Why? Because holding bitcoin over the long term will allow you to spend your filthy fiat on something that can nourish you in the short term -- steaks.

It’s time to start stacking steaks.

Text “Bitcoin” to +1 (929)-203-9067 to enter

This is the fusion of two of the lowest time-preference assets in the world: steak & bitcoin.

The advent of fiat money has infected everybody with the virus of short term thinking. We are living in a fiat pandemic...a slow motion plague that’s swept the world.

Gold turned into paper.

Steak into beyond meat.

Real relationships into social media.

Sex into porn.

60% of people’s diets today are ultra-processed food. 60% of their financial portfolios are ultra processed fiat garbage.

Fake garbage is swallowing everything. We’ve forgotten how to eat, how to live, and how to invest. And I think that fiat currency is a huge reason why.

But there’s finally a way out. Similar to how the carnivore diet has allowed people to take back control of their health, bitcoin has allowed people to take back control of their wealth.

Carnivore Aurelius was birthed out of the “health bankruptcies”, sticking a middle finger to the USDA and Big Pharma. Bitcoin was birthed out of the financial bankruptcies in 2008, sticking a middle finger to central banks and governments.

Bitcoin is the ultimate f*** you. It was not created to fit into existing government and financial systems. It was created to challenge them.

If you care about your long term well being, there is nothing more important you can do than lowering your time preference.

Stop doing things that are in your short term best interest and long term worst interest. Start eating steak and stacking sats.

Bitcoin and health together are keys to unlock higher levels of vitality. They are low entropy bases so that you can unlock higher entropy creativity.

Combined, Bitcoin and steak are tsunamis washing away old world, corrupt institutions.

Old world professors will say that steak can’t be good for you...and they’ll also say bitcoin cannot be a sound wealth-preservation asset.

But the proof is in the (liver) pudding… Don’t trust, verify.

It’s time to live & invest like your ancestors did.

Eat steak.

Stack sats.

If you don’t believe it or don’t get it, I don’t have the time to try to convince you, sorry.

The $15,000 will be spread over more than 100 winners.

Enter the giveaway. Text “Bitcoin” to +1 929 203 9067.