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9 Testosterone Killers (They're Hidden & Everywhere)

9 Testosterone Killers (They're Hidden & Everywhere)

There’s a testosterone epidemic. Male gonads are under attack. It’s a true crisis and it’s time we stop it. As a result, men are:

  • More depressed.
  • Weaker.
  • More likely to be in prison.
  • More likely to fail out of school.
  • More likely to be murdered.

How did this happen? No, it’s not because of climate change this time. Or even the vegans.

Men have been transformed into weaker, domesticated versions of themselves.

The Testosterone Decline

Testosterone levels have cratered. This is an epidemic that society at large is ignoring.

Not only do men have lower testosterone as they age, a 50 year old now can expect to have lower testosterone than a 50 year old 20 years ago <*>.

Study showing testosterone levels among men at an all-time low

According to this study, men now have 20% lower testosterone than men 20 years prior. Free testosterone is down 45%.

Wondering where all the men went? This is the answer. They’ve disappeared. Men are now 8/10th of what they were 20 years ago. A 2016 study showed that the average 20 to 34 year old man could apply 98 lbs of force, down 117 pounds by a man the same age in 1985 <*> You are not the man your father was.

Sperm counts are also down by 59%. No surprise that this lines up with the testosterone decline.

Study showing sperm count at a decline

A Strong Society Needs Strong Men

Western society is an assembly line that breeds weaker men. Something sinister is going on and it’s time we figure it out.

Testosterone is man power. And without it men, are turned into androgynous, effeminated shells of their former selves. Which to those who assault masculinity is a welcome change.

But a strong society needs strong men. And for all of our sakes, it’s time to turn this trend around.

Instead of attacking this problem head on, labs have merely reduced the range that’s considered normal. Previous testosterone below 348 ng/dL was considered abnormal and treated. The range was reduced recently to 264 -- a 25% reduction.

Labs lowering their testosterone normal ranges instead of solving the problem

Men aren’t the only victim -- women are too. Millennial women are left bereft of strong partners. Men’s incomes are falling precipitously as they opt out of the competitive work force in favor of video games and porn. Partners of equal sophistication and status are harder and harder to come by. Real women want real men. Not little boys.

The right way to attack this problem is by figuring out what's lowered people's testosterone and reversing course. AJA Cortes has a great guide here on 50 ways to naturally increase testosterone.

Read on if you're interested in the main things that are attacking your manhood.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Testosterone isn’t just for men trying to juice up and hit home runs. It’s one of the most important hormones and regulates numerous metabolic processes.

Low testosterone leads to many common chronic conditions and is often undiagnosed.

Low testosterone saps all your masculine energy. Everything that makes a man secure is a derivative of testosterone. Low testosterone reshapes a man’s entire personality and is one of the foremost determinants of a man’s quality of life.

Some symptoms of low testosterone include <*>:

  1. Low Energy
  2. Bad Mood
  3. Bad sperm quality
  4. Low muscle growth
  5. Poor cognitive function
  6. Low libido.

If you feel you have any of these symptoms, it’s worth getting your testosterone levels tested.

There are also many longer term consequences of low testosterone including poor cardiovascular health and bone density.

This is more than just aesthetics. This is your masculinity and livelihood at stake.

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Major Testosterone Killers: Avoid Them to Boost Your Testosterone

Clearly something is in the water -- literally and metaphorically. Hormone levels aren’t meant to crater so rapidly.

How has this happened? Masculinity killers are now ubiquitous. Whereas 1000s of years ago, you’d rarely come into contact with anything that was kryptonite for your testosterone, now it’s almost impossible to avoid them.

While that may be the case, you can still try to reduce exposure.

Here are the main masculinity killers.

#1 Seed Oils

Seed oils are one of the most dangerous things you can consume. They’re brand new to diets, only being introduced in the last century when fat fear mongers decided that saturated fat was bad for us.

The crooks at Procter & Gamble snuck seed oils in through crisco and 100 years later seed oils are now ~10% of the average american’s calories.

Seed oils are cancers that kill you from the inside. They’re associated with almost every chronic disease.

Industrial Vegetable and Seed Oils Linked to Chronic Diseases

This study on 12 men showed that polyunsaturated fat consumption was associated with lower testosterone <*>. This observational study of 209 men confirmed the same <*>.

Why are seed oils called seed oils? Because they destroy the male seed.

There’s no faster way to destroy your balls than drinking canola oil.

#2 Obesity

Aromatase is the key enzyme responsible for the synthesis of estrogen. Human fat tissue is a major source of estrogenic activity.

This paper found that obesity increases aromatase activity, and converts testosterone to estrogen <*>. Fat mass is nature’s hormone replacement therapy.

This 2007 study of 1,667 men found “that each one-point increase in BMI was associated with a 2% decrease in testosterone” <*>.

Leptin also modulates testosterone. One study found that the group of men with highest leptin levels had the lowest testosterone <*>.

Another reason to shed pounds.

#3 Soy

Soy is another major culprit, decreasing testosterone in men.

This study in 35 men showed that men drinking soy isolate when exercising led to a drop in testosterone levels <*>. Exercise usually increases testosterone, illustrating how much soy damages men’s testosterone production.
Why is soy an issue?

Soy contains phytoestrogens which are substances that mimic the effects of estrogen.

Soy is also the second most genetically modified crop and is highly processed. This concentrates the phytoestrogens further.

This study on rats mirrored the results <*>.

However, there has been some conflicting data and more research is needed to further understand soy’s effects. Regardless, I’m avoiding it as there’s no benefit to eating it on a meat heavy diet.

#4 Drugs & Alcohol

While some of the manliest men in the world consumed substantial amounts of drugs and alcohol -- ahem, Hunter Thompson -- studies show that excessive consumption may reduce testosterone.

This study showed that excess drinking reduces testosterone levels in men. But after a low dose, men actually had an acute increase in testosterone levels <*>

This study showed that 2 to 3 drinks a day decreased testosterone levels by 7% in men over 3 weeks <*>.

The underlying mechanism hasn’t been completely identified but researchers believe it is because alcohol impedes testosterone synthesis in your testes. When you get drunk both you and your testes check out. <*>

Similar to alcohol this study found that some tobacco can lead to an acute increase in testosterone. But long term usage decreases testosterone levels <*>.

Lastly, this study reported increasing feminization of men with chronic use of alcohol <*>. Lay off the booze people.

#5 XenoEstrogens & Plastic

Xenoestrogens are endocrine disrupting chemicals that damage testosterone levels. They act like hormones, affecting your natural production. Some can even turn on a switch that upregulates estrogen production.

They are ubiquitous and their prevalence is only increasing. 3000+ new substances are introduced every year, and only a small fraction are rigorously tested for safety. Xenoestrogens are even more damaging than some of the aforementioned compounds because they remain in the body <*>.

What are the main sources of these xenoestrogens. The four biggest are:

  • Plastic: Plastic contains BPA and BPS, both toxic xenoestrogens
  • Phtalates: These are softeners that are prevalent in many cleaning products, soaps and cosmetics. All their names end with phthalate.
  • Parabens: Found in soaps and cosmetics
  • PVC: Found in vinyl products and kling wrap. The most toxic xenoestrogen.

According to the CDC, 93% of Americans carry BPA in their bodies -- the compound in plastic. I try to avoid plastic as much as possible.

It’s frightening but these compounds are everywhere. Food coloring. Personal care items. Furniture. Industrial products. Plastics. Tubing. Clothing.

Soyboy should really be renamed xenoestrogen-boy.

List of endocrine disruptors

#6 Porn

This is more of a CA life hack than something backed by randomized controlled trials. But porn is a masculinity zapper.

Our ancestors (the non-Don Juan ones at least), were not consistently exposed to nudity. You, on the other hand, have 45 tabs open with every different possible woman and are using more computer bandwidth than the Universe had combined 15 years ago.

Because it’s so new and unnatural, porn produces a dopamine overload, which over time can reshape your sensitivity requiring that you get bigger and bigger dopamine surges. As I constantly preach, you are what you eat. If you consume junk food, you will feel like junk. And if you consume junk information your brain will put out junk.

Brains expand and shrink depending on how you treat them <*>. Your brain is the most powerful tool in the world. Would you put gatorade in a ferrari?

The way to improve your life is restoring yourself to your roots. Ancestral eating wise. But also a healthy amount of sexual activity with a close sexual partner. Not 7 nude girls at once on the internet furiously scrolling through tabs overloading ramp.

Studies have shown that abstaining from masturbation can increase your testosterone levels.

Porn viewing has also been linked to erectile dysfunction. It also will reduce your urge to go out and find a real woman. Sex has been shown to increase testosterone levels. Whereas masturbation and porn drains you and leaves you shamed.

#8 Pesticides: Glyphosate & Atrazine

Glyphosate and Atrazine are the two most common herbicides used for commercial agriculture. Pretty much all products not labeled organic are laden with these substances.

This study found that in vivo glyphosate reduced testosterone and disrupted the progression of puberty <*>. This study showed that glyphosate is toxic to male Leydig cells, which are cells in testicles that produce testosterone. This was at as low of a concentration as 1ppm, which is the amount that can be found in human urine <*>. What’s frightening is how many children’s products are loaded with this pesticide.

Pesticides residues found in Cheerios and other food

Atrazine, another widely used pesticide, turned 10% of male frogs to females <*>. About 8 million americans are exposed to atrazine in their tap water <*>. If this isn’t poisoning at a mass scale, I don’t know what is.

If you're interested in some other foods that destroy your testosterone, check out this list from my friends at forever alpha here.

Re-Assert Your Masculinity

It's time to reassert your masculinity and take back your manhood. This won't just change your energy levels. It will change your life.

Mark my words. When your physical health improves, doors will open for you that you never knew existed.

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Stay strong.