Take The 30-Day Carnivore Diet Challenge.

With hands-on help from me, Carnivore Aurelius, to look and feel better than you ever thought possible, fast.

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If you’re ready to taste your peak physical potential…

But you’re swimming in a sea of books, blog posts, and “stuff you should do” to thrive…

Let me personally guide you through 30 days of focused transformation that over 1,500 carnivores have already experienced.

Here’s What Happens Next:


Text CACHALLENGE to 1-720-605-1331 to be granted access
to the 30-Day Challenge.


Each day, for the next 30 days, I will directly contact you (via SMS) with a specific action step aimed at installing the carnivore diet as your new way of life.

Some days, it will be a simple “do this” or “cut that.” Others, I’ll share the deeper knowledge I’ve gained from my obsessive research and experimentation on the outer limits of what it means to be a carnivore.

(Including powerful insights I’ve never shared on the blog, email list, or anywhere else but the private behind-the-scenes environment of this challenge. Plus the stoic principles that keep me moving toward my own ambitious goals.)

Before starting the challenge, we will also go through a preparation period, which will include a meal plan and answers on what to expect when starting the carnivore diet.


If you get stuck or have questions along the way, don’t worry. You can ask me any question through SMS, and I will personally respond. Even if we have to go back-and-forth a few times to get to the bottom of what you’re going through.

30 Days

That’s it.

The 30-Day Carnivore Diet Challenge is simple, yet powerful, and aimed at unlocking the person you know you were meant to be.

And this isn’t some unproven program I’m making you the guinea pig for.

Just look at the results people like you have already achieved.

In the future, I may begin charging membership fees to participate in this challenge that I personally guide people through.

It’s easily worth 2-3x more (as you’ll soon discover) than the generic, ineffective “tips” that so-called health and diet coaches charge a small fortune for.

But for now, to help carnivores make 2020 their best year yet, I’m keeping the challenge free to join.

If you’re ready to break through to the next level of vitality and vigor, don’t wait.

Try the carnivore diet for 30 days with me.

It’s time to live the Carnivore Aurelius way. For 30 days, try the carnivore diet with me and take back control of your health. Your body. Your mind. Your soul.

I will share with you everything I know about starting the carnivore diet.

Together, we will test our limits. We will break addictions to comfort. We will take back control.

What are you waiting for? Drop the carbs and comfort. Start the steak and stoicism.

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