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Joe Rogan Tried The Carnivore Diet. Here’s What Happened & Why It’s Important

Joe Rogan Tried The Carnivore Diet. Here’s What Happened & Why It’s Important

Joe rogan, one of the most widely followed individuals in the world, just tried the carnivore diet.

And now he’s spurred thousands of others to follow suit.

This is a monumental movement -- both for the carnivore diet, but more importantly for independent journalism.

Why? The carnivore diet is the polar opposite of what all mainstream publications recommend. Government funded agencies like the USDA and all traditional publications will lead you to believe that red meat is equivalent to poison. That eating it is tantamount to smoking a chloroform drenched pack of cigarettes.

However, these same institutions have prevailed over the greatest destruction in health we’ve ever seen.

It’s time for a change...and Joe Rogan embodies this new trend.

Most importantly, unlike the USDA Joe Rogan has skin in the game. His experiment with the carnivore diet is “open source”. Instead of just trusting his recommendations, millions of people around the world get to watch it live.

And his incredible results are an affront to mainstream media and health institutions. Read on...

Joe Rogan and the Tectonic Shift in Power

Not knowing Joe Rogan today is equivalent to never having heard of the NY Times. But briefly...

It is no hidden secret that the mainstream media is dying. With the rise of Facebook and social media, the large publications lost their distribution advantage. They became wedded to the facebook algorithm, and instead of objectively reporting on the news they had to cater to Zuckerberg’s 1s and 0s.

“Click-bait” is now fundamentally built into the DNA of the large publications. Similar to how bees make honey, it’s now instinctive to gloss over basic truths to fit an agenda.

But the glare of the internet and social media are exposing the lies and corruption.

Out of the darkness rises a new age of media. Since the birth of the internet, we have witnessed a tectonic shift in power. People don’t trust authority like they used to, and the establishment doesn’t control the industry like it once did. The tsunami of information accessed through the internet is washing away old world institutions, turning them into cartoon versions of their former selves — useless in today’s world.

The internet turns every individual into a news anchor – and those who prevail will do so on their merit.

Joe Rogan is the ultimate emblem of this tectonic shift.

An MMA enthusiast and stand-up comedian with a camera, microphone, and man-cave has evolved into the world’s largest disseminator of information. With a cumulative 4.5 billion views across his YouTube channels, he is representative of the internet giving rise to a new breed of natives who follow a playbook against which the establishment cannot compete.

Joe Rogan is the antithesis of traditional media empires. He is not supported by hidden lobbyists shoving narratives down his throat. Unlike the world’s leading publications, Joe Rogan openly acknowledges his faults and biases, instead focusing on what he doesn’t know and asking questions that get him closer to the ground truth.

Ideological starting points with his guests are acknowledged first to then drive good-faith discussions with people from across the spectrum.

Joe Rogan does not pretend. He chooses honesty over defensiveness, leaving no room for “gotcha” journalism, orthodoxy promotion, or faux outrage to generate clicks.

“What I’m willing to do is look stupid.” - Joe Rogan

Society is Built on Foundational Truths

Society is built on “foundational” truths. Before the fabrication and spread of these truths were controlled by 3-letter-institutions and elites.

“Meat is bad for you”.

“Banks will protect your money”

“Pharma will save you”

“The news is trustworthy”

These are all lies you’ve been sold by “trusted” institutions.

There was no dialogue – rather, truths were created by the institutions and disseminated through their channels. It was completely one way. The internet has reversed the power dynamics, handing it back to the people.

Without even realizing it, Joe Rogan has created an unmatched library of information to explore foundational truths that have either been suppressed or previously inaccessible. His podcast, which boasts nearly 1500 episodes, has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon, receiving millions of downloads an episode.

His guests include a wide spectrum of thought from minds who have either refused to submit to mainstream media distribution or have for so long been suppressed by them. He is able to ask questions the mainstream dare not ask.

He is able to interview individuals the mainstream dare not interview. Joe Rogan has become a check on institutions and a leading force in the growing class of self-taught individuals.

And why is this so important?

Today, Normal = Death. Thinking Independently

Modern society has programmed us to default to herd mentalities. Mainstream institutions have been designed for average people, who are expected to live an average life. They are told to follow a standard track, work the same shitty job, complain about the same mindless politics and eat the same poisonous diet.

Sure, for much of history, this wasn’t just okay but beneficial. As a hunter gatherer, if you were not normal you were exiled.

But today, normal kills. Today normal means sick, depressed and domesticated. Normal means you’re a low T male with no purpose in life. Normal is having diabetes as a teenager. Normal is growing up in a single family home. Normal is a recipe for a life of misery.

Thus, the most important skill in today's world is not something taught in the classroom. It's not math, or sales, or advertising, or coding.

It’s the ability to think and act for yourself.

Independent thought is the escape valve.

Joe Rogan Disassembles of the Gatekeepers

As I’ve written in the past, we're increasingly trending towards a world where degrees and pedigrees are not only unnecessary...but might be a net-negative. All a mainstream doctor with an MD will tell you is that they were trained under a decrepit system, brainwashed into believing saturated fat will kill you and carbs are a dietary staple.

With the rise of the internet comes an unprecedented opportunity to both think and act independently. There’s no need to defer to the masses anymore. The gatekeepers have been disassembled. The internet has created a breeding ground for experimentation, enabling access to a wealth of information.

All one needs is an innate curiosity to discover the truth. A truth that is found without a playbook. Without strict guidelines or expectations. A truth discovered through a muscle that enables you to open up to new information, experiment, and update your beliefs based on those experiments.

I couldn’t think of a more emblematic way to disassemble the gatekeepers than Joe Rogan trying the carnivore diet. Counter to all mainstream advice, he decided to take matters into his own hands, do his own research, and ultimately commit to trying an all meat diet for 30 days. The exact opposite of what “trusted doctors” tell us to do.

Meanwhile, EAT Lancet -- one of the most prestigious journals -- just came out with a recommendation to eat no more than 98 grams of red meat per week. Joe Rogan eats this in one bite….

This is the most important war of our times. The American Revolution of the internet. Joe Rogan is the American colonies breaking free from oppressive control structures. It’s time to build our constitution.

An Unprecedented Rise in Self Experimentation

Many of the foundational truths our society now embodies are withering under the sunlight of the internet.

The meritocratic market for ideas that Joe Rogan is representative of is shining a UV light on many of our most widespread beliefs -- and while on the surface they may look clean, when the UV light hits them they’re stained with corruption and manipulation.

Joe trying the carnivore diet flips the existing paradigm. Instead of deferring to institutions for health recommendations, Joe referred to the decentralized web.

The most effective way to validate information is often to verify it yourself. If a doctor tells you that red meat will destroy your health, but you’ve never felt better when you eat more, who’s correct? The outdated textbook or your nature?

Self-experimentation is characterized by instant feedback loops. If the code corrupts your computer, you uninstall it. If it works, you continue using it.

Self experimentation creates a pure free, laissez faire market for ideas. If the carnivore diet makes you feel better, it doesn't matter who told you about it or who endorses it.

What matters are the benefits you experience.

If the carnivore diet doesn’t result in a physical and metaphysical life improvement, then screw it., a blog launched at almost no cost, features thousands of testimonials about meat revitalizing health. Twitter has surfaced thousands more anecdotes of people curing lifelong depression, reversing cancer and losing 100+ pounds doing the exact opposite of what people with credentials promote.

If you're interested in the carnivore diet, sign up for my 30 day guide to getting started below.

And now, Joe Rogan, one of the most influential voices in America, tried an all meat diet and was shocked at the results.

But what Joe Rogan realized is that you won’t ever know until you try. And that’s the entire point.

This is going to catalyze an unprecedented rise in self experimentation.

Joe Rogan Tries The Carnivore Diet

Before the internet, it never would have been possible to watch Joe try a completely counterculture diet and report back on the results.

The truth about its health would have been suppressed.

But instead, now there are many lessons from Joe’s journal

Lesson #1: Have an open mind

Joe Rogan’s ability to remain impartial stems from his open mindedness. He has always actively sought to engage in dialogue with individuals he doesn’t necessarily agree with. He places no constraints on the nature of guests he interviews and is quick to change his mind when exposed to new, provocative information.

His relationship with the carnivore diet and the guests he has interviewed advocating for it is highly representative of this. While always a proponent of meat eating, Joe Rogan has long been skeptical of the carnivore diet.

Lesson #2: Do your own research

Joe Rogan was first introduced to the carnivore diet more than 2 years ago after interviewing long time carnivore Dr. Shawn Baker.

Over the next two years, Joe Rogan would go on to interview several other carnivores, including Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson, and Chris and Mark Bell. This didn’t stop him from interviewing non-carnivore health professionals either, including folks like Chris Kresser, Rhonda Patrick, James Wilks, and Joel Kahn.

Lesson #3: Commit to Experimenting

And so, after more than 2 years of deliberation, Joe Rogan finally committed to trying an all meat diet for the month of January 2020 in honor of World Carnivore Month.

Self experimentation is the antidote to mainstream corruption. With fast feedback loops, you'll quickly realize what truths are faker than Beyond Meat...

“I want to see what’s up. I want to try it. I’m experimenting. This is my experiment for the month."

“I need to know if this is a nonsense way to eat. I need to know. I’m not saying it. I’m trying it. Socially it’s unappealing to do. That’s what everybody says. I don’t know. I’m interested.”

Lesson #4: Stick it out

Joe’s transition wasn’t necessarily easy. But he stuck it out and the results made it worthwhile in the end.

Joe had never eliminated carbs for more than a day or so. And week 2 he had constant flint Michigan tap water coming out his rear end…

However, this was the (literal) darkness before the light. The darkest hour is just before the dawn.

Joe’s Carnivore Diet Results

His results speak for themselves.

First week in:

“I’m getting my bloodwork done on Monday and then again when I’m done with the diet but I’ve been on it now for about 5 days and I’m already looking leaner. My energy level has been excellent too. Kind of shockingly good.”

“I’m making sure this isn’t a temporary placebo effect but at least for now I’m definitely experiencing some benefits.”

Second week in:

“This is the only time in my life I’ve ever tried eliminating carbs for more than a day or so, and since I started the diet a couple days before January I’m now about 13 days in, at least 7 pounds lighter, and in completely uncharted territory for me. Which makes me think this is probably completely uncharted territory for 99% of the people on earth.”

Final results:

“I did the carnivore diet for all of January,. I lost 12 pounds and gained a ton of energy. My energy levels were completely flat the whole month. No ups and downs from crashing after eating. I had a belly. I lost all my fat. I lost my love handles. I don't know if I’m going to keep eating like this but it was tremendously beneficial.

I also have an autoimmune disorder. It improved. I had a bunch of white spots filled in. I went into this thing thinking the carnivore diet was whacky and I probably would think it’s nonsense but this is as good as I’ve felt in a long time. And it’s just one month.”

“If you stick to something and tell yourself you will try the carnivore diet for 30 days, you will lose weight and feel fucking amazing”

All in all, Joe:

  • lost weight
  • had more energy
  • improved his autoimmune conditions
  • got his ripped ads back

And after 30 days he's never felt better

I Want to Try the Carnivore Diet. Where do I start?

Joe Rogan trying the carnivore diet shows that the benefits of this will never be realized until you try it yourself. Talking about it will only do so much.

But trying it also means being open to becoming a playground for experimentation. You cannot rely on anyone but yourself to seek the ground truth. Yes, you may use others for guidance, but understand that information is only fuel and experimentation is the heart beat. Without a heartbeat, the fuel is useless.

I have guided thousands of people on their first 30 days on the carnivore diet. Here are some tips and resources I’ve found useful for anyone looking to start

I have now written more than 30 long form articles on why I think the carnivore diet is the healthiest diet in the world. If you’re just getting started, here’s everything you need to know about trying the carnivore diet.

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What are you waiting for?