Master Your Mind to Master Your Life

This will change your life even more than liver & sunning your balls….

There are 2 different paths in life…

  1. Trusting & giving into all your thoughts
  2. Mastering your mind, transcending thoughts and reaching higher

I want to tell you how to do #2

Your life will MASSIVELY change when you realize you dont need to give into all your thoughts….
this is the most difficult and powerful tool in the world
If you master your mind, you can have anything you want in life. 


Most people don’t even realize they don’t need to give into all of their thoughts….

Why is this important?

Because your thoughts are merely habitual robotic programs running in your mind on repeat. 
They are from your subsconious,  and conditioned completely by your past.

When you start to pay attention to your thoughts you realize how f**king stupid they all are. They are just the same exact things on repeat all day…

But most people act on every single thought they have…

This guarantees a future that’s no different than your past and also prevents you from reaching hire than bodily satisfaction-

You wake up, think about a problem they have, act on it, and this sets the cycle off….

“I have so much to do. Oh, let me check my phone. I need food. I need sex…This is so hard…”On and on and on….
This is no different than the life of an animal, driven by compulsion.

Not only are thoughts just programs playing on repeat, 70%+ of them  are negative, limiting beliefs. 

“You’re not enough. You need to do more. You’ll be alone forever….”

It’s stupid & evil…but that’s the nature of our programming. 

Every time you give into these negative thoughts, your body doesnt know the difference between the thought and the thing actually happening…

So by playing out negative thoughts every day, you’re traumatizing yourself constantly….

Thoughts are the most powerful tools in the world. They can literally change your biology & your genes. 

They also act as vibrational antennas,  attracting or repelling things around you.

When you’re thinking higher vibration thoughts, your body produces hormones that relax you and open you up like oxytocin…This literally makes you more attractive

Whereas when youre in anger, anxiety and fear you produce cortisol which slows everything down.
This is “your aura”

What you think you become…But most people have NO control of this mechanism

Everything you see around you is a manifestation of thoughts in your head. The world is a mirror that reflects your inner self

Just like with a mirror, you wouldn’t break it for reflecting something ugly.You’d fix what it is reflecting. ———You are a vibrational beingLike a radio you are always putting out a signal whether or not you know it.

Similar to your radio too, you cannot receive 700AM if you are tuned to 100.3 FMMeaning, you can only receive what is in alignment with your vibration. But all of your thoughts today are lowering that vibration.

If you think you don’t deserve, love, money or happiness, you will block all of those things in your life. So by giving into your thoughts not only are you living like a compulsive, desire addicted animal…youre blocking anything higher in your life.

F**K this. 

It’s time to break free and ascend higher

The first step is resolving your egoic tendencies. Text me at +1-929-203-9067 for some tips how.