Why Beauty is Important

schio2017 07 20 tema culturale 2018

Society today is run by old, sick, miserable people who want to remake everything in their image…glorifying their ugly lives to feel better about themselves. This explains most issues.

Ugly souls have glorified ugly ideas, art, thoughts and institutions.  They’ve destroyed the notion of beauty because they are not beautiful  — They are AFRAID of the beautiful

Why? Because beauty is the best version of something shining forth.

It is a call to something higher, and attacks your mediocrity. 

A cultures relationship to beauty reveals its values. Beauty is inherently hierarchical. Which is why it cannot flourish in a society that makes homogeneity the highest virtue…where everything has been leveled down to the lowest common denominator

Empty nihilistic culture cannot produce good art. Self indulgent crap. 


Beauty is the most importance force in the world. Without beauty, life has no meaning.

This is a big reason why everybody is so miserable today. 

Beauty is transcendent and connects you with your divine, cosmic self. 

Whereas ugliness destroys your soul and traps you into the world of bodily desires.

There are times in your life when you glimpse this: Times in your life when you get a glimpse of something higher.A beautiful sunset. Love for the first time. A mysterious encounter. The first time eating beef liver.

They make you believe that there has to be more than this ordinary day to day life…Because there is

If you understand beauty, you understand life. Beauty is hard to achieve. It’s the rarest asset in the world. But it’s within you. It’s within everything. You just need to remove everything blocking it.

It’s time to turn shit into gold. I want to help reorient your life around beauty and create supreme specimens. It’s time to bring back what plato called Kalokagathia… a harmonious combination of bodily, moral and spiritual virtues. It’s the perfection of mind, body and soul.

schio2017 07 20 tema culturale 2018